Instructions for Oral Presentation
  • The Oral presentation should be 15 min. (10 min. presentation + 5 min. for discussion).
  • Language of the presentation is English.
  • Data shows and computers are available
  • Please save your presentation on a flash disk or a CD and submit it to your session coordinator on the first day of the conference from 9-11am.
Instructions for Poster presentation
  • The poster must be in the form of one piece printed poster.
  • Posters in the form of separate papers are not acceptable.
  • Posters that include hand written text are not acceptable.
  • Poster dimensions must be: Width 100 cm X Height 70 cm.
  • Poster language is English.
  • Text font must be readable and clear.
  • Poster should include (Title - Author - Affiliation -Abstract - Brief introduction - Materials and Methods -Results (Photo, Drawings, Tables, Diagrams) and Discussion/ Conclusion.
  • Original Photos are required (photocopies are not acceptable).
  • The poster will be evaluated by the reviewers during which you must attend your poster.